Automated Driver Management

Smart Driver Updater is an easy-to-use driver management tool that can quickly and efficiently locate and update drivers on your PC or laptop. In addition to being able to update existing drivers, Smart Driver Updater can also backup and restore your drivers. This is especially important if you ever have to upgrade your operating system, or have a system crash.

As most PC users know, every piece of hardware you connect to your computer requires a driver. This simple file tells your PC or laptop how to interact with the connected device you’re working with. But what happens when these drivers become outdated, corrupted, or accidentally deleted? The conventional approach is to go to each equipment provider’s website, search for the exact model of your device, download the correct driver, and then install it to our PC. The potential for error in this process is substantial, and the results of such an error are inoperable hardware or worse!

Smart Driver Updater takes the worry and hassle out of managing drivers on your PC or laptop. Once you’ve downloaded the easy to install software, you simply select a few checkboxes, scan your PC or laptop, and follow the software’s recommendation. With Smart Driver Updater, you’ll wonder why you ever messed with manual driver management in the past!

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Common Applications for Driver Management

Lots of Uses mean lots of drivers.
As we do more and more on our PCs and laptops we require the ability for them to interact with an increasing number of devices. Everything from printers and scanners, to video capture devices, and audio mixing boards are used with PCs and laptops today. With so many different devices connected to your computer, keeping them all up to date can become a full time job. This is where Smart Driver Updater can save you precious time by actively managing your computers drivers.

Malware or viruses have corrupted your drivers.
Malware and virus attacks are a constant and increasingly problematic issue for many computer owners. Put yourself ahead of the game by using Smart Driver Updater to backup and restore drivers that have been compromised by malware and/or viruses.

Internal hardware needs drivers too.
Many PC and laptop users don’t realize that the internal graphics processors, storage devices, and displays also require drivers to interact with the operating system. Keeping these drivers up to date is a surefire way to maximize your computer’s performance, and stretch its useful life.

Operating system updates can wreak havoc on drivers.
If you have ever updated your operating system, or upgraded it to a completely new one, chances are, you’ll have to update your drivers. When you consider how many drivers the average computer uses, an automated driver updater like Smart Driver Updater makes a lot of sense.

A new computer will need drivers for every device you use.
Many people forget that when they buy a new PC or laptop, they will need to load the drivers for every peripheral device they use. This portion of getting a new computer up and running can be extremely time consuming. Instead, consider using Smart Driver Updater to find and install all the required drivers your new computer will need to make your life easier.

Smart Driver Updater Features


Dramatically increases the speed of your PC or laptop

By using the latest driver for your computer’s internal resources, you ensure that your computer is running as fast and efficiently as possible.


Backup and restore your drivers

Smart Driver Updater can allow you to backup your existing drivers, so that if you ever need to reload an operating system, or upgrade your PC or laptop, you can quickly restore your drivers to ensure proper functionality.


The safest way to update your drivers

By using a utility such as Smart Driver Updater, you minimize the chance of installing incorrect or out of date drivers for your connected devices and internal resources.


Set it and forget it

One of the most convenient features of Smart Driver Updater is the ability to schedule scans to ensure your PC or laptop is using the most up to date drivers. If out of date drivers are found, you can have Smart Driver Updater automatically install the new drivers.

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Get Smart Driver Updater Now!

Take the first step toward better computer performance by downloading Smart Driver Updater and running a free scan! Once you see how easy it is to scan your computer, you can quickly register the product and begin updating your drivers in the safest, easiest way possible. Download Smart Driver Updater now, and see the difference for yourself!